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How To Build An Affordable And Interesting Watch Collection.

I recently wrote a brief blog on collecting watches affordable but feel this topic needs more emphasis. This came after reading someone else's blog on how long they waiting for a new Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Don't get me wrong, I love Rolex but you wont ever find me trying to prove I am worthy of spending thousands to own one.

While you wait a year for the Rolex you could have spent half the money and have a brilliant collection of watches bought second hand and without waiting more than a few days to receive them.

Here we give some examples of watches that can be purchased without the risk of divorce and can be owned before the year 2037.

How to build an interesting and affordable watch collection.

A watch dealer's guide.

It's a common misconception that collecting watches is a 'rich man's' hobby, however with a little research and wisdom this need not be the case. Building an interesting collection of watches with great history, quality movements and innovative design does not need to cost thousands. In this article we show you some examples of genuinely collectable timepieces which can be bought for under £1000.

Seiko 'Pogue' Automatic - Early 1970s.

This watch is worthy of any watch collection for three reasons, it was worn in space in 1973 Skylab mission by Col. Pogue, has the first fully integrated automatic movement and is has a brilliant 70s design.

Ref 6139 - 6005 Value £500-£800

Omega Chronostop Manually Wound late 1960s

This vintage Omega offers a quirky watch which has a lap timer chronograph function with a date and no date option available. The movement is a simplified version of the movement used in Speedmaster Professional watches but is about 1/4 of the price.

Ref 145.009 Value £600-£850

British Military 'Dirty Dozen' watches 1945

In 1945 12 different companies made watches for the British military, all built to specific requirements. They were made in various numbers and value is mainly effected by their rarity and the maker. The versions made by Record and Vertex can often be had affordably.

Value - £650-£900

It's likely that as you ponder over different watches you will be drawn to certain aspects of a watch, it may be the dial design, case, movement, period or brand.

One secret to understanding watches is to remember

that many watches will vary massively in price but actually house the same movements. An example of this could be the two dial chronographs, you will see watches such as the Breitling 'Top Time' models which mainly use the Valjoux 7733/7734.

If you simply would like a vintage chronograph with a sturdy reliable movement there are many other watches that use the 7733/4 movements for much less than the Breitlings. Take something like a Tissot Navigator which are brilliant sports chronographs and can often be had for under £600.

A Zenith El Primero will most likely set you back towards £2000 while an Ebel with an El Primero movement can be had for much nearer the £1000 mark. Don't forget these were the same movements used in Rolex Daytonas in the turn of the millenium.

One Youtube watch reviewer once (fairly infamously) stated that if you do not spend $5000 on a watch then it is not worth buying. My advice is not to listen to watch snobs, do your homework and purchase second hand from a trusted seller.


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