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Most common lies you will hear when being sold a watch.

When I started collecting, buying and selling wristwatches I fell for a number of typical sales pitches which caused me a few bad purchases. Here I will give you some examples of the classic lines I often hear.

  1. 'It works fine but just needs a new battery'.

This is a classic line people use when selling a broken quartz watch. A watch battery is not expensive to have fitted and would make the watch way easier to sell as it proves functionality of the watch. If someone has a nice watch that just needs a battery they would have done this themselves and probably asked a bit more money for it.

2. 'Recently serviced'

This is also a common one however 90% of the time untrue. The reason for this is that a full service on a mechanical watch requires often well over £100 being spent on it so for many watches is uneconomical if trying to sell that watch for profit. If therefore. you are offered a watch for £120 and it is fully serviced then this means one of two things. 1. It's a complete lie and hasn't been touched or someone has dropped a bit of oil around a few of the jewels and claimed it's serviced. You will often find 'serviced by Omega trained watchmaker' on certain resale sites but take that with a pinch of salt.

3. 'They are going for twice that on ebay'

Back when I started and was trawling the boot sales I would hear this about 20 times. This always made me laugh because if you could really sell it for twice the amount on ebay from the comfort of your desk and a coffee, why would you stand in a field at 7am trying to get half as much for it? This is usually just a poor sales pitch and it's often because the watch is wrong or broken and Ebay's returns policy would cause them to be giving out refunds on this kind of thing.

4. 'It's a good watch that one'

Okay, why is it a good watch? If the sellers best product description is 'it's good' and they cannot back that statement with any brand knowledge, watch history or technical details then how do they know if it is good? It tends to be a little more reassuring if a seller can give you a little bit of info on a watch.

5.'It's a good investment'.

No one knows how watch fashion, demand and popularity will be in the future so this always baffles me. There are probably a handful of watches which are genuinely rare, from top brands and will always be desirable e.g. various Rolex models, but even while these will most likely hold their value there is no guarantee they will make you heaps of money when you eventually sell them. For most part if you buy a decent watch at a sensible price you can be fairly sure you wont lose much on it but be realistic with it's potential future value.


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