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Cheap watches with impressive marketing….avoid!

Whether you are scrolling through listings on auction sites, social media or websites it’s common to find a watch which is hideously overpriced accompanied with 5 paragraphs of text explaining why it is so special. This often includes a random celebrity that once wore it, a claim that it is rare and another 3 paragraphs about it’s heritage.

I’ve have alwayselieved that a good watch at a reasonable price with the important information will sell itself .

A romantic story about a watch is nice and it’s good to know the heritage of any timepiece you buy, as often this does massively effect collectability and value. If this information is accessible on the sales page then that is also ideal. It’s becoming too common however for people to buy into marketing and not the watch itself. We have even seen people on sites like TikTok doing daily vlogs on their watch brands accompanied with a catchy slogan. One in particular selling very cheaply made Chinese watches with no genuine substance or value. It would however be easy to fall victim to strong marketing campaigns like this, an end up with a rather shoddy watch you regret buying.

My advice is to do your own independent research on any watch that takes your interest. See where it is made, the history of the watch and the genuine value it presents as a timepiece.


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