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Why you really should not be a watch snob.

The term 'watch snob' is often used in forums and discussions to refer to someone who owns or aspires to own various high end timepieces and therefore turns their nose up at lower priced watches. Throughout my time collecting, buying and selling wristwatches it's fair to say i've met a fair few watch snobs.

To be clear watch snobbery is not about the watches you own as you could be a vintage Patek collector but still appreciate a Seiko 5 and the value it offers. Watch snobbery is an attitude that is based on price tags and brand names however quite often this isn't backed up with any in depth knowledge. A genuine appreciation of watches should stem from the design, functionality, brand history, rarity and the overall value it's offering.

I know a number of customers who do what I call the 'Full Circle' and aquire and wear higher end watches but end up wearing a 'beater' most days that is much more affordable and doesn't cause an irreguler heartbeat if you ding it, even if they have an ex[ensive collection at home.

Owning a high end timepiece is great and if bought at the right price may even earn you more money than the bank but the real fun and wisdom in watch collecting is finding the best possible pieces within your budget.

To summarise I would have much more respect for someone as a collector wearing a vintage chonograph by a micro brand usuing a valjoux 7730 than someone flashing a Rolex Hulk but cant tell me the bezel material or reference number.

Be a watch lover not a watch snob!

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