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Watch Repairs and servicing

We are very fortunate to have a very skilled watchmaker here at About Time Watches. and we regularly take on work that busy high street jewelers turn away. Due to us being a small business, your watch won't be at the back of a long queue of repairs and for a standard service we aim to get it back on your wrist within 2 weeks.

If replacement parts are needed, we will order these in straight away to avoid any lengthy delays.

We are not 'watch snobs' so whether you bring in a Rolex or Timex every watch is treated with the same care and respect.

Our watch servicing includes.

Dismantling of the movement

Cleaning of all components of the movement

Re-lubrication of the movement.

Movement reassembled

Time keeping checked and regulated

Pressure tested (for sports watches)

We guarantee all work for 1 year.

Why go through us?

We set up in 2016 so 2018 will be our third year of operation and with experience in many brands and models we can often provide a quote the same day you hand over your watch to us.

Not only do we have a skilled watchmaker but we also have the correct equipment that is well maintained, clean and of high quality (such as the oils used, pressure tester etc).

Send your watch back to the manufacturer and you can expect to pay hundreds for a straight forward service and have to wait up to 6 weeks to get it back. We charge sensible prices and your watch won't need to go to Switzerland and back!

To inquire about a service or repair simply get in touch via the phone, email or our Facebook page.

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